Wednesday, July 4, 2012

PROMPT #2 End Date. 7/4/12.


Pick one of the following clips from bad movie history and try to form a short story around any bit of the contents: closed. As of 7/4/12, I would normally not receive any more works, but if you get them to me by Friday, 7/6/12, I will forward them out to the other members.

Now, per our club's design, ye Knights of Qwerty will be sent attached files, including the works of all other Knights that submitted for month of June. You are encouraged to send them a short one to two page response, if you wish, including your likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement. 


1. Be creative and constructive.
2. Be considerate and courteous.
3. Be sincere and civil.

Here are the titles and their authors for Prompt #2, as well as their e-mails, so you can send them an e-mailed private response. Excerpts from each of the pieces will be quoted below each title as soon as I am done reading them all. Here you guys are, ordered by last name.

Just a reminder here, Prompt #3 will be posted on July 10th. Please feel free to suggest any prompts that you would like to see used. Prompts can be anything from a short premise, a quote, a short video, etc.

Garbage Day by Sean Barnes 

"Perhaps, Henry was about have some small epiphany, some small life-lesson, some small bit of catharsis thrust upon him by the cosmos, after such a humbling defeat at the hands of the punctuality of a dump truck."

Taking Out the Trash by Valerie Mills

"I passed the trash collection truck and screamed at the man picking up someone’s trash. They hadn’t even made it to my part of the neighborhood yet; if they had been faster he might have lived!"

Faling Apart in a Flower Shop by Rachel Kathleen Payne

 "There once was a time when seeing Johnny brought me joy, a time when he only bought flowers for me and he could speak in coherent sentences. That time was before the accident that tore our lives apart and stranded me on an island of artificial roses and heartache."


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