Thursday, May 31, 2012

PROMPT #1 End Date. 5/31/12.

A mysterious object is falling/falls/fell from the sky. closed. As of 5/31/12, I will not be officially receiving any more of the responses to Prompt #1 and that's okay, because the response was actually quite satisfying. And this is only the first prompt!

Now, per our club's design, ye Knights of Qwerty will be sent attached files, including the works of all other Knights that submitted for month of May. You are encouraged to send them a short one to two page response, if you wish, including your likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement. 


1. Be creative and constructive.
2. Be considerate and courteous.
3. Be sincere and civil.

Here are the titles and their authors for Prompt #1, as well as their e-mails, so you can send them an e-mailed private response. Excerpts from each of the pieces will be quoted below each title as soon as I am done reading them all. Here you guys are, ordered by last name.

Just a reminder here and then I'll do it at the end, Prompt #2 will be posted on edit: June 6th. Please feel free to suggest any prompts that you would like to see used. Prompts can be anything from a short premise, a quote, a short video, etc.
Greed by Dallas Allan

" Mariana remained standing near the kitchen doorway with the diamond clutched in her hands tight enough to cause the edges to cut into her palms." 


Patagonia by Sean Barnes 

"Luckily, anyone dumb enough to let slip my participation in “non-sanctioned pest control” would know better than to incur the heavy fines for using a non-contracted exterminator. Phaeton Co made us all into criminals...."

The Nights Sky by Zach Martin

" He was surprised how fine the dirt was, almost as though it were fresh powder snow."

Fall by Valerie Mills

" No sooner does it land/ do the paws of man and beast / trample /crush and stomp/ away the crispness and crunch."

One Night on Magnolia Drive by Chelsea Marie Orland

"...I do believe there’s things that we don’t know about. I’ll leave those up to God and the government."


Scorch Marks by Rachel Kathleen Payne

 "The cave was cool and damp and lovely; much better than the sterile cold of my parents’ house."


Lord Darkness by Matt Pierce

"Little Hergie was at that difficult age when asking questions is easier than thinking critically."

Heroes of the Sea by Rose Pierce
"This particular sea cucumber, like most sea cucumbers, does not care about how gross you think she is. In fact, she thinks she is quite lovely. Her spines are soft and bouncy, her tentacle fronds are long and flowing, and her esophagus is in grade A working condition; honestly, what more could one ask for?"

Prompt #2 will be posted on edit: June 6th.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


EDIT: Prompt #1 is no longer due on the 22nd. It is due on the 29th. After some consultation with some of the members of the group, I decided to extend the creative process to three weeks and decrease the review process to one week. If you have any problems with that idea, please e-mail me at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PROMPT #1 5/8/12.


A mysterious object is falling/falls/fell from the sky.

By Sean Barnes

INSTRUCTIONS: You have until May 29th to send your prompt work to me at On that date, I will forward all prompt work to the other members of the club. They will then have until June 5th to send you a response. 

Some of the work may be posted on the blog, either a segment or quotation, with the author's permission.

The next prompt will be sent out on June 5th.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Dear Lords and Ladies of the QWERTY court,

As of May 8th, the Knights of QWERTY monthly writing club shall commence. As of 2 PM of this date, all members will be sent the prompt. The prompt will also be posted in our facebook group and on the blog. 

The prompt will either be a short premise, a theme, an idea, a setting, an image, a quotation, and/or video. As soon as you get the prompt you will have 2-3 weeks until the deadline to work on your prompt piece. The prompt piece can be anything, including but not limited to: poetry, lyrics, flash fiction, a short story, a chapter, a screenplay, a script, etc. The work can be genre, non-genre, fiction, non-fiction, etc. All prompt pieces should be sent to my e-mail address at

Then, there were will be 1-2 weeks from the deadline to the next prompt. During that time, I will send the prompt pieces out to the other members of the Knights of QWERTY. They will then be expected to send some form of reply to you, from a written letter critique to short impressions. If you want something in particular, specify when you send me the prompt piece.

There are only three simple guidelines in the Knights of QWERTY, applying to both writing and replying:

1. Be creative and constructive.
2. Be considerate and courteous.
3. Be sincere and civil.

If you have any problems or feel harassed, make sure to contact me immediately via private means and I will do what I can. We're all adults and I expect you to treat each other with the same modicum or respect that you should expect from others. 

As part of a writer's workshop, even via e-mail, I hope that we can understand that we're all bearing some small part of our souls in our work and, in our replies, be civil. Yet, in the work we must strive to give our all and attempt not to push vulgarity in such a way that, rather than intrigue other readers, will repulse them. 

I pray were never reach a point of intervention, but I am prepared.

Above all else, I hope that this experience is something that we will all be happy and proud to be a part of.

And remember, ""Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." -Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

Thank you,                    
Sean Barnes